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Code of Conduct

1) You must be 18 years or older to have an account here

2) This is a queer and alterhuman friendly instance

By queer we mean: anyone who isn’t society’s perfect idea of a cis + straight + dyadic + amatanormal + monogomous + vanilla person. We take a radically inclusionist and sex-positive stance here. We are also neolabel ('MOGAI') positive.

By alterhuman we mean: fictionfolk, plural systems, and nonhumans, as well as anyone whose experience falls outside of what is typically considered ‘being human’. This includes people who consider themselves alternatively human.

Ergo, we are not friendly to medicalists, TERFs, assimilationists, or any other proponents of respectability politics.

3) Don't be a dick

This rule covers everything from overt bigotry to general rudeness. To get a bit more specific, we do not tolerate:

  • Hate speech - you may not use slurs or make derogatory comments about people based on things like race, orientation, gender, religion, disability, or class.
  • Harassment - you may not send messages that are designed to upset people, make threats, or continue to interact with someone after they have told you to stop. You also may not use posts/screenshots/quotes to mock people, or collect/post a person’s demographic, personal or private data without their consent.
  • Incivility - you may not resort to name calling, ad hominem attacks, nitpicking or tone policing when responding to a person. Particularly, don’t get defensive if someone says you’ve upset them - take it in good faith and work together to find a solution.

Also, credit and link your sources if you’re sharing other people’s content.

4) Respect others’ fan experience

Every fan’s interpretation of Homestuck is different, so don’t yuck other people’s yum. Don’t condemn someone based on what content they have or haven’t read, their ships, or their headcanons. At the same time, respect that some people have legitimate reasons for disliking certain characters, parts of the story, and the people who wrote them; or certain kinds of fan content. You may not demand that people justify either their like or dislike of any subject matter.

Additionally, don’t bash fictionfolk. Fictionkin, fictives and other people with identities based in fiction use this space, and their experiences as such are just as much an interpretation of the work as yours. You may not tell people that their identities or experiences are not real, or that they are wrong about how they’re interpreting them.

Mastodon has an excellent range of tools for controlling your experience on this instance. It’s your responsibility to content warn and act appropriately, and it’s equally your responsibility to blacklist and not engage with content you don’t like.

5) Respect others’ boundaries

Lewd responsibly

Mature content is allowed here. [stuff about consent and boundaries]

RP responsibly

[tbc, more stuff about consent and boundaries]

6) Keep the place tidy

  • Content warn
  • write image descriptions
  • no accounts whose sole purpose is to advertise

7) No IRL politics

There are plenty of other places for that.

RP + Character Creation Resources


Credits and Thanks

The code of conduct was made with love and a lot of cribbing notes inspiration from the following sources:

  • discourse rules of cvilized discussion
  • dzuk’s guide (and the mixer coc that ze sites)
  • the cocs of awoo.space, monsterpit.net and the flagship instance
  • the p zone discord
Emojis are from:
  • alternian-emoji-project
  • edited twemoji

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